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The original building was located on the road between the old Pueblo of Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mission where many travelers would stop in for a rest and a drink in the shade by the fountain. One morning, Padre Jose Francisco was drinking coffee and accidentally spilled some on his cassock. He attempted to rinse the garment in the fountain and was transfixed when he removed the cassock from the water. The image of a coffee cup was now imprinted on the cloth! It could only be described as a miracle! Everyone present fell to their knees and blessed themselves. They had witnessed what became known as “The Cup of Holy Joe" (after Padre Jose Francisco). From then on, the rest stop along the road came to be known as "Holy Grounds" :) It's true if you believe it!

We support our community!

We not only “Talk the talk” we “Walk it” too! Holy Grounds buys, promotes and sells goods from independent local artisans of business. By keeping it local we reduce our carbon footprint and create more economic growth and job opportunities within our community. We will continue to offer our customers rich and robust coffee, delicious teas, baked goods and original artwork direct to you from El Sereno! 

We strongly support:

El Aguila  - Guava or Cajeta Cheesecakes

El Augila is a full service Mexican Bakery located in El Sereno and service all of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.





Homeboy Bakery - Coffee Cake 

Homeboy Industries traces its roots to “Jobs For A Future” (JFF), a program created in 1988 by Father Gregory Boyle while he was serving as pastor of Dolores Mission parish in Boyle Heights. This program originally began as a jobs program offering alternatives to gang violence in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the city, the program soon grew beyond the parish.


Create Your Own Health  - Teas 

Tea blends that are all designed to help you heal, feel better, and create a happier/healthier life. Each blend is carefully crafted to give you healing results and boost your general health with an average of seven different ingredients all blended together and sold by the ounce at their new shop.

They strive to give you high quality healing blends, teas, and herbs to help you create the life you want and we are happy to serve it! We serve a selection of their Loose leaf teas to sip, sit, enjoy all year long.

Hope Cafe and Catering at Kilroy's - Sandwiches, Salads, and Wraps

In our kitchen, we strive to deliver an authentically fresh food experience. From preservative-free foods, fresh produce & made from scratch breads and cookies that are baked fresh daily…  To a workplace environment that extends “Hope” to those who have been the outcast, the outsourced, and the overlooked. Our goal is to create an environment that reaches out and helps those in need, & connects & encourages our clients to do the same!

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Brown Box Bakery

After finding that not all gluten-free desserts are alike, Brown Box Bakery set out to create a line of sweets that were not only gluten-free, but low carb and more importantly, diabetic friendly.

Our tasty treats, while healthier for those with specific dietary restrictions, are satisfying for those of all ages.