Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea

Nourishment * Community * Culture

 Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea is a dedicated to serving the communities of North East Los Angeles by providing a fun, vibrant, peaceful environment. We offer  free wifi, an outdoor patio, space rental and community events along with some of the best coffee and pastries in town!

Our signature Cafe De Olla!

From the Coffee Bar

Shhhh... our Secret Menu  


 Juan Two Three                                                                           HOT $3.50/4.00  ICED $4.00/4.50

Cafe de Olla + Caramel + Coconut Milk

Horchata Latte                                                                               HOT $4.25/4.75  ICED $4.50/5.00

Horchata + Espresso + Steamed Milk

The Wilson                                                                                       HOT $3.00/3.50  ICED $3.50/4.00

Cafe de Olla + Ibarra Chocolate

Dirty Granny                                                                                   HOT $3.00/3.50  ICED $3.50/4.00

3 Shots Of Espresso + Ibarra Chocolate

Mayan Mocha Latte                                                                    HOT $4.25/4.75  ICED $4.50/5.00

Ibarra Chocolate + Espresso + Cayenne Pepper + Steamed Milk

New Breakfast Item!

Oatmeal $3.50

Morning Harvest with Dried Fruit, Nuts, and Brown Sugar

From the Deli

Yogurt Parfait $4.00

Greek Yogurt, Honey, Granola

Plain Yogurt, Strawberries, Granola

Plain Yogurt, Blueberries, Granola


Gourmet Salads $6.99

Chinese Chicken

Roasted Vegetarian

Chicken Caesar

Southwestern Chicken

Gourmet Dean & De Luca Chicken

Roasted Vegetable


Artisan Wraps $6.99

Gourmet Roasted Vegetarian

Turkey Club

Tuna Salad

Grilled Chicken

Southwestern Chicken



Bistro Sandwich $6.99

Chipotle Basil Turkey

Bistro Turkey & Sun Dried Tomato

Bistro Turkey & Roasted Pepper

Roast Beef & Mozzarella

Chipotle Chicken Breast


*We are constantly adding and rotating our delicious array of gourmet salads, wraps and sandwiches. Please note that this menu is subject to change! Thank you

From the Bakery                                      

Almond & Chocolate Biscotti $1.00

Muffins, Apple Strudels, Scones   $3.00

Bagels $2.50 

Homeboy Bakery's Coffee Cake $3.00

Aguila Bakery's  Guava Cheesecake or Cajeta Cheesecake $3.00

Brown Box Pastries $3.50

Carafe Shot .JPG

Holy Grounds To Go! 

You can now pre-order our 2.2 Liter Coffee Carafes and Pastries for any work meeting or special occasion!

Just give us a call at 323 - 222 - 8884 !

$15 - Regular Coffee 

$18 - Cafe de Olla 

* Carafes serve 8-10 cups of coffee, 

* Please call the day before to allow for proper prep time.