Dr. Seuss reading at Sierra Park Elementary.

Dr. Seuss reading at Sierra Park Elementary.


Holy Grounds Literacy Foundation was founded in February 2016 and is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non profit organization registered in the state of California


What is the Holy Grounds literacy Foundation?

The goal of the Holy Grounds Literacy Foundation recognized today is to help local communities act as a united voice in raising awareness for those who cannot read or write. It gives children and adults a chance to rediscover the joys of reading while raising awareness for those without access to education. Recent statistics from the U.S Department of Education show that 14 percent American adults (about 32 million) read below a basic level, 19 percent of high school graduates can't read and 70 percent of prison inmates can't read above a fourth grade reading level (according to BeginToRead.com)


President's Note

Those of you that know me also know that I've had a bit of a rough year: my apartment caught fire and then the coffee shop had a drunk driver crash through the front of the shop. BUT blessedly and thankfully no one was hurt in either situation! However, all my time and resources for the last year have gone towards rebuilding a life - well at least on the physical plane

So now I'm ready to resume a project I had started before these interruptions: the community Literacy project.

In my previous professional life in education there was the axiom, "The more you read, the better you read. The better you read the more you read." Profoundly simple. And I think we all agree that knowledge is power. Let's empower our community (adult and child) and make it fun, creative and interesting at the same time!

Here's my request: who wants to do this with me? I've already secured and paid for a 501.c3 status as a non profit but we need to create a board, design some projects and go after funding sources. If your interested and would like to participate PLEASE contact me at stevenboland@yahoo.com (note that it's Steven not Steve) and let's do this!

Current Projects:

We currently don't have any projects to announce or discuss. We hope to relaunch the foundation (See Above) in the summer of 2017, embracing the power of expression through the written and spoken word.